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8 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Office Furniture

Just like when we buy other things, there are things we must do so we can decide wisely. Office furniture is supposed to support for practicality, efficiency, and quality as well. However, these mistakes often happen and we suffer a great loss. #1. Not Trying We often give too much trust to the furniture dealer […]

10 Tips How to Identify French Furniture

French furniture is definitely quite something to have. It always makes the whole room looks elegant and rich. However, it is possible that we get confuse sometimes. Here are several tips we can use to identify the real French furniture. #1. Look for High Decorative Piece French furniture is known as high decorative piece that […]

9 Tips and Guide before Buying Sofa for Living Room

Buying sofa sounds like simple while reality shows the opposite. It is hard enough to decide. There are varieties of prices, designs, and colours, and we simply can’t make a choice. Here are several tips and guides to pick the right one. #1. Consider People Behaviour Who will use the sofa? We need to consider […]