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9 Tips and Guide before Buying Sofa for Living Room

Buying sofa sounds like simple while reality shows the opposite. It is hard enough to decide. There are varieties of prices, designs, and colours, and we simply can’t make a choice. Here are several tips and guides to pick the right one. #1. Consider People Behaviour Who will use the sofa? We need to consider […]

8 Tips How to Choose Patio Furniture for Small Spaces

Patio furniture is nice pieces that will commonly draw attention. It can also change our impression on patio. Small patio looks bigger. Wide patio looks perfectly fit. If we have small patio space, we will need some tricks. Here are several tips to choose the right furniture pieces. #1. Don’t Forget the Measurement We need […]

8 Things You Should Know before Buying Furniture

Sometimes, we just buy the displayed furniture pieces because we know we can use it and it is good looking. To make wise decision, there are actually several things we need to know before we finally buy the furniture. #1. People Who Will Use It People inside the house will mostly use the furniture. If […]