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8 Laminate Flooring Installation Tips for Basement Floor

Basement floor doesn’t have to be bad and awful all the time. We can change it into laminate flooring so it gets new look and new atmosphere. However, the installation can be a little bit confusing for us. Here are several useful tips for the installation. #1. Check on Cracks and Holes Successful laminate flooring […]

8 Classical Flagstones Flooring Ideas

Flagstones make very nice and natural choice for flooring. Many modern houses nowadays still use this material to make more appeal of the house. Here are several great ideas where we use flagstones for modern flooring. #1. Earthy Scheme for Kitchen If we have wooden furnished kitchen, we will make charming atmosphere if we use […]

10 Tips and Installation about Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring has been the best alternative to wooden floor. This one is cheaper and easy to install. We don’t need professional to do it. However, the following tips allow us to get faster and even easier installation. #1. Check the Surface Condition First The surface needs to be flat. We need to check […]