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10 Effective Lighting Tips for Your Bedroom

Lighting plays important role on a room comfort and look. Your bedroom cannot be nice without proper lighting. Here are several useful tips for effective lighting on a bedroom. #1. Install Enough Windows Natural light is essential for a room including bedroom. Install enough windows for your bedroom and let the sunlight gets in during […]

10 Tips How to Create Cozy and Inviting Master Bedroom

Bedroom must be cozy and inviting. Making our master bedroom this way can be quite tough task but it is still possible for us to do it. Here are several useful tips to make it real. #1. Don’t Get In Too Many Furniture Master bedroom commonly functions as reading, working, dressing, sleeping area all at […]

8 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces don’t mean we can’t create a beautiful bedroom. Even though we need to be smarter than usual, it is highly possible. Here are several great ideas to make beautiful bedroom even on small spaces. #1. Use the Mirrors We can hang one large mirror to give the larger room impression. We can also […]