10 Tips How to Choose Shower Tiles

small and simple bathroom shower tiles 10 Tips How to Choose Shower TilesRemodelling the bathroom is fun but we need to make careful decision including for the tiles. We need to choose it right and properly. The following tips are effective to apply when we need to choose new tiles for bathroom.

#1. We Need Water Resistant Series

Glazed tile makes the best choice for this because these floors don’t absorb any moist so it won’t lead to mold as well. But shower tiles will need slip resistant as well.

#2. Think about the Material

Tiles are available on many choices when we think about the material. Each of the material has different benefits and disadvantages. We need to address our need to choose the right material.

#3. Play on Tones for Colours

Imagine the tones we can create when we choose a colour. Several colours will be stylish but neutral colours can be combined for more long lasting style and they often make better choices.

#4. Decide on a Design

How we apply the tiles later will influence the choice we make. We can try to draw a design, and choose tiles based on it like where we plan to install plain and where to install patterned.

#5. Calculate the Cost

We need to set a budget and stick to it. If we want specific expensive tiles, we should consider making it as additional detail. This may require us to reconsider the design.must have shower tiles designs 10 Tips How to Choose Shower Tiles

#6. Know the Exact Number of Tile We Need

Before we begin the project, we need to know the exact number of the tile we will need or at least the closest estimation.

#7. Consider Cleaning Option

When we choose specific tile, we also need to consider the cleaning option needed. Can we deal with it? If we can deal with it, then we don’t need to change our choice.

#8. Rethink the Shower Size

Do we really need a big shower? How much of the shower wall we want to tile? Emphasize on needs first before we try to put some style on it.

#9. Find Quality

When it comes to quality, we need to remember that we may share the bathroom with the entire family members. Strong and high quality tile will be needed on such bathroom.

#10. Possible Maintenance and Repair

We need to be able to handle the maintenance and repair when needed. If we barely can afford it, we should change the choice.

If we used to think that choosing new tiles for bathroom is a difficult task, these tips make a great help. We can make appropriate yet stylish choice now.

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