8 Most Common Home Maintenance Problems

bathroom maintenance problem 8 Most Common Home Maintenance ProblemsThere are times when we often hear something inside the house. It sounds like the house is alive and it is trying to deliver a message to us. Relax. It is not the house turns alive. It needs maintenance. Here are several common problems that happen.

#1. Floor Trembles

It is commonly caused by joists that are not sturdy, or the support wall may have been removed during the last remodelling project.

#2. Tap Water Tastes Weird

If it tastes like metallic, we may need to recheck the plumbing and install water purifier under the counter. One with replaceable cartridge costs $150-200. If it tastes like chlorine, we may need to call a plumber and flush the system as well.

#3. The Odors are Musty

It is usually caused by mildews that grow in the indoor on cold surfaces. It commonly grows in the basement. Improving insulation to keep air movement is the best strategy to keep everything dry and avoid mildews.

#4. Creaking Voices

Humidity level change and temperature fluctuation create expansion on house parts. A little creaking voice is normal especially to house that ages. But when it gets louder, we may need some repair or reconstruction.diy home maintenance checklist 8 Most Common Home Maintenance Problems

#5. Leaky Toilet

Mainly, it is began with worn interior parts. It causes the water level gets lower in the tank and it triggers refill system that causes leaking. Tube bending, chain loosen and valve and flapper replacing will solve it, better yet, if you are unsure of what to do, contact expert plumber Burwood at http://www.plumberburwood.com.au.

#6. Rustling Wall

Termites are clever. They can create tubes that we can notice easily, but we can also recognize carpenter ants are swarming inside the wall. Professional pests control is needed here. It should be done quickly before everything trembles.

#7. Light Flickers

Flicker on one bulb can mean socket loosing. Dim after turning on appliances can mean overloaded electrical system. But when flicker happens to many bulbs, it may be caused by arc, and arc needs immediate fixing before it starts a fire.

#8. Indoor Breeze

It can mean that the air is seeping through our window or foundation. It can also caused by the drafty attic. We need to seal all gaps from the attic and all the way down.

There can be other problems as well. Commonly, it depends on the age of the building and the regular maintenance we apply. Natural things like storm, heavy snow, and heavy rain influence too. Be attentive, and fix problems as soon as possible.

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