8 Laminate Flooring Installation Tips for Basement Floor

how to laminate flooring basement 8 Laminate Flooring Installation Tips for Basement FloorBasement floor doesn’t have to be bad and awful all the time. We can change it into laminate flooring so it gets new look and new atmosphere. However, the installation can be a little bit confusing for us. Here are several useful tips for the installation.

#1. Check on Cracks and Holes

Successful laminate flooring will due to so many aspects including dryness of the surface. We want as little moisture problem as possible. We will need to seal the cracks and holes and make sure the foundation is solid.

#2. Leave the Surface Dry for Several Days

Sometimes, the basement floor surface needs enough time to get dry. We don’t have to be hurry. We can wait for several days until it is really dry. This is also useful to taste if moisture problem still occurs.

#3. Consider Quality Underlayment

Underlayment is essential to prevent any more moisture problem that often happens on concrete surface like basements commonly have. We should not skip this step and apply it appropriately. We may need specific instructions for this.

#4. Get Room Exact Measurement

We need to measure the entire dimension of the room. We need the length and width of the room. It allows us to calculate the number of floor we need as well as the budget for it.basement floor laminate installation 8 Laminate Flooring Installation Tips for Basement Floor

#5. Choose One on the Latest Technology

Several laminate flooring is now produced under the latest technology and they appear a lot better in performance. The installation is also a lot simpler than before. This will give us easier job to do.

#6. Make Multi Layers Construction

Multi layer construction is a great solution especially for basement. It needs wear layer with tough and solid performance. It also needs inner core with the same great performance. Choose solid plastic for this part.

#7. Learn the Procedure from Professional

DIY projects are great. However, we still need to learn from the best. To avoid problems during installation, we should ask the detailed instruction from professional who is used to do this job and then follow it.

#8. Use the Recommended Tools

Even though most laminate flooring nowadays is made easier to install. We still need to use the appropriate tools. We can consult this to professionals and adjust it to the procedure we should have.

Those tips really make the job usually done by professional becomes more possible to do. We may not need to hire professional at all. However, finding detailed instruction will be needed aside with these tips.

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