8 Considerations for Bathroom Remodelling

bathroom remodel ideas small space 8 Considerations for Bathroom RemodellingWe may have a lot of ideas like new style and intimacy when we plan bathroom remodelling. This is a terrific idea for more comfortable, efficient, and intimate bathroom, but we still need to think about several things. The following things are essential to consider.

#1. Wet Bed Dilemma

Wet bed is the common name given to old house tiles on bathroom. It has too many things to remove that make the process expensive. We can use the money on other things instead of wasting on this.

#2. Do We Need Covered Plumbing?

We need to make sure that if we cover the plumbing, all fixtures from electric to framing, everything will still work well. If we don’t sure about it, we can leave it exposed for vintage look.

#3. The Threshold

If we like curbless showers, we must remember that it also needs higher floor so water can pitch well. If we have someone with wheel in the house, we may need to make some adjustment for the flooring.

#4. Adding a Toilet Room

Most bathrooms are shared. Several like master bedrooms are commonly made for two people. A toilet room will be a simple addition that gibes huge privacy when we need to use at the same time.bathroom remodel must haves 8 Considerations for Bathroom Remodelling

#5. Warm Floor and Needed Transition

Warm floor will also require thicker floor like on curbless shower. It means that we also need proper adjustment for the floor. If we don’t really need it, we shouldn’t force to have it and make too many adjustment for a bathroom.

#6. One or Two Bathroom?

If we have enough area and it is appropriate, a bathroom for two people will be nice. But if we have situations, two small bathrooms will be better, and it even offers a little more privacy.

#7. More Power for the Shower

Sometimes, we just enjoy the moment at the shower and want to add for about ¾ inch on the supply line. However, this is not an eco friendly idea. We don’t have to do this.

#8. Keeping the Floor Dry

We can try to install appropriate shower capsule so the water doesn’t get to wet the floor. We don’t want to deal with mat everyday and everything is still so messy.

Now, we need to think through all of those things. If we can address each of them properly, then we don’t have anything to worry about. Some of them may appear in the middle of the construction process.

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