Light Up Your Space

standing lamp for living roomDo you ever come home and feel like your space is dark and drab? Heavy window treatments and dark colors on the walls can add to the feeling of drab in any space. One of the great secrets designers use is creative lighting to brighten up a space. Follow these tips from the professionals for lighting and brightening up your space.

Start with the wall color. Select a soft, light color that compliments both the major pieces of upholstery in the room as well as the colors in the adjoining rooms. Empty the space and let the painting begin. It’s amazing how one gallon of paint can truly transform a space. Next, power clean and shine the windows both inside and out. Natural light in the room will play a huge role in bringing life into the space. Hang window treatments three inches from the ceiling and six inches from the outside of the window frame. This will allow the maximum amount of light to enter the room and force the eyes to travel to the ceiling, visually increasing the size of the space.

Take stock of the ceiling lighting and lamps. The bulbs should all be soft white. To limit the number of lamps on side tables, consider investing in a quality standing lamp. Standing lamps with soft white can cast a glow over the entire space. If the space has a ceiling fixture, consider updating this to compliment the new design of the room. While the ceiling fixture is being installed, refit the switch plate with a dimmer. Again, a dimmer will allow a softer light to create a new ambiance in the space.

Add pops of color with paintings, accessories and pillows. Be judicious in your selection of accessories. Less is more. Don’t feel compelled to fill every inch of wall space with paintings or every table top with accessories. If you have cherished collections, consider rotating them in and out seasonally.

You’ve just succeeded in brightening up your space and no doubt feel much more welcome coming home. Out with the blahs and in with the wows! By now you’re ready to tackle the remaining spaces in your home. Good luck!

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