3 Ways To Land A Job That You Might Not Be Totally Qualified For

getting the job of your dreamsWhat’s up with all of those job descriptions that want 5-10 years of experience but what they’re actually hiring for is an administrative assistant? Who has time to get that much experience just to be getting coffee and booking travel for your boss? You probably want to do more, but just don’t know how to get around the years of experience. Here are 3 tips to getting the job of your dreams.

  1. Network, network, network – network with everybody around you. Not in a pushy “I deserve to be CMO of Tesla” kind of way, but always be making connections. Maybe it’s not even for a job, but have conversations with everybody, about everything. Be interesting, contribute value to their day by offering to help, or providing insightful advice. You never know where the next opportunity is going to come up. Make sure you have an easy method to be contacted, whether that’s email, LinkedIn or social media. Bring value to the people around you, and they’ll return the favor.
  2. Be helpful – this deserves a second mention. With the plethora of information these days, we can’t remember every single conversation that we’ve ever had with some random person. However, we do remember the people who help us, especially when we most need it.
  3. Be happy – this may seem random, but when we’re happy, we’re the best version of ourselves. We’re better at conversation, we’re more interesting, we try harder, we look better. Whether this means hitting the local hair salon in San Diego, reading more, exercising more, spending more time with your friends, or starting a new hobby, we’re at our best when we’re happy. We’re also more willing to take opportunities and calculated risks, which could translate into that new job opportunity! When we’re happy, we strike up random conversations with strangers, are more willing to ask questions, more willing to answer other people’s questions, and more willing to help.

So get smiling, and who knows what opportunity is waiting for you right around the corner! The best things often happen to us when we least expect it, and are not even looking for it. Prepare yourself for the job of your dreams, and it’ll likely come to you in a form that you least expect.

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