3 Reasons to Skip the Home Inspection

home inspectionJust kidding. You should never skip getting your home inspected by a professional. Home inspections are vital to figuring out what problems and issues might lurk behind the walls of a home you are thinking about buying. Home inspections are so important, in fact, that I picked that tricky title to try to fool you for a moment in order to reinforce the point. I hope this hasn’t ruined my credibility. Let’s move on. There are a lot of benefits to hiring an experienced home inspector to take a look through your house before you buy it. Here are three.

1) They’ll Have Experience With This Specific Kind of Construction. When I buy an older home, specifically one that is of a unique or era-specific type of construction, I make sure to hire an inspector that knows a lot about this sort of house. Not every home inspector has a universal knowledge of every type of construction in your area. It’s worth your time to find someone with specialized knowledge. That’s because different styles of home wear differently. Others have unique problems that were built in to them by poor era construction standards or different materials that were available at the time. In this way, a home inspector with knowledge about your type of home specifically, can give you advice about how your home might have problems in the future, not just the problems it currently has. This might actually be able to save you money, as in an example like this: your home inspector finds that your room only has about a year of life until is starts to leak. You tell the owner that you won’t buy the house unless he replaces the roof. He does it on his dime, and you get a free room on your new home, at no extra charge.

2) They’ll Save You Money. As in the above example, home inspectors frequently find problems which need to be fixed by the current owner. You’ll be especially lucky if these problems are found to be hazardous, in which case the current owner must rectify them! This way, your home inspection could pay for itself very quickly, maybe even several times over.

3) They’ll Give You Peace of Mind. Peace of mind comes from knowledge and safety. If you move into a home that has not been inspected, you’ll never be absolutely sure that the electrical system is safe, that the plumbing is going to last, and that a whole host of other problems are as they should be. A home inspection can put your mind at ease as to all of these. Your home inspector might also find issues that make buying the house not worth it to you. Knowing for sure whether or not a house is a good buy is an important thing. And frequently you can’t really know until a professional gives the house a clean bill of health (or not).

So don’t listen to that headline, hire the professional. If you don’t, you’ll just have to live with whatever problems you overlook when considering a new home.

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