10 Tips before Refinishing a Bathtub

bathtub refinishing diy

It is very rare that a homeowner would prefer to refinish the bathtub instead of buying the new one. However, this is a brilliant idea. Several things need to be done before the refinishing stage. Here are some tips on it.

#1. Clean the Tub Carefully

The surface needs to be clear and clean. Without appropriate surface like this, any refinishing application will not take result. We must use the right product and tools to clear stain and dirt on the surface.

#2. Remove All Non Slip Solutions

When we clean the tub, we will harder things like degreasing agent and heavy duty cleaner. We can also apply pad and abrasive cleaner to clean debris, dirt, or soap scum.

#3. Repeat Cleaning Process

Some people are satisfied with one time cleaning. We should consider repeating the phase to ensure super clean and clear surface.bathtub cleaning diy 10 Tips before Refinishing a Bathtub

#4. Wait Until the Tub is Dry

No application is allowed until the tub is dry. We should wipe it and let it gets really dry naturally. Unless, we will repeat the cleaning process with new stain and spills.

#5. Dry Bathtub Needs Sanding

Before we continue to first step of refinishing, we need to sand the tub. Grit wet sandpaper is highly recommended since it also creates rough surface for the paint to work.

#6. Know Your Tub Material

Each material may need different kind of paint. Knowing our tub well will be helpful when it comes to decide the appropriate paint and how to apply it.

#7. Planning the Paint

As we already know the material of our tub, we can decide the brand and type of paint we are going to use. Several brands and type are recommended for specific material.

#8. Make Paint Mixture

Professionals always suggest us to mix epoxy glue on our paint before we start to paint the tub. This glue creates solid and good adhesion. Specific measurement may be needed.

#9. Cover Parts that Don’t Need Refinishing

Before we start to apply the paint, we need to make sure that metal parts we don’t want to paint should be covered. We can use plastic and tape for easy cover.

#10. Prepare Other Bathroom

Unless we have other shower in the same bathroom, we may need to warn the entire family not to use the tub for at least a day and a night to leave the paint dry later.

The entire things may sound complicated while it is actually pretty simple as long as we are willing to do it in order and properly. Let’s give it a try.

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