How to Display Art and Accessories Throughout Your Home

No matter how beautiful your home is and how many nice pieces of furniture that you might own, the rooms in your house are still going to seem a bit empty if you don’t have some art and accessories inside of them. Of course, the challenge is coming up with ways to showcase these things in such a way that they complement your furnishings while still displaying your signature style.

If you’d like a few tips on how you can display some of your art and accessories throughout your home, here are five that will help to make your house look like it should be featured in an interior decorator magazine.

Install some picture shelves. For small pictures and knick-knacks, something that you might want to install over your mantel, in your bathroom or even in your home office are picture shelves. They are basically small shelves that you can arrange in a variety of ways to show off your smaller pieces of art and accessories. You can find picture shelves at places like Walmart, Home Depot and Hayneedle.

Arrange items in a vertical position. Say that you happen to have a narrow wall and you’re just not sure what to do with it. One thing that you might want to consider is hanging some of your pictures or even vintage art items in a vertical position. It’s a simple way to create a modern look.

Make the most of empty space. In just about every home, there are what’s known as “empty spaces.” These are places that aren’t every big, but are large enough for one nice piece of art. For instance, you might want to consider hanging a piece right under your staircase or in the foyer above a small table.

Align pictures along your stairs. Say that you went to a store like Easy Pedestal to find a stand for one of your larger art pieces and you asked a customer service associate for a home decorating tip. Something that they might recommend is actually a classic approach to hanging art: aligning pictures along the wall that’s across from your stairs. It can be some of your wedding pictures, pictures of your children, pictures of some of your closest family members and friends, or even pictures of nature. The key is to make sure that all of the shots are matted and framed and that you use frames of all different sizes in order to add some dimension. It can also be a nice touch to put some small accessories in between some of the pictures, just to add a bit more variety as well.

Blow up candid shots. There used to be a time when people only used formal pictures as photographs to publicly display. However, thanks to smartphones and apps that edit the pictures, candid pictures are now all the rage. Once you’ve found a couple of them that you really like, email them to your local Kinko’s to have them printed off in poster size, frame them, and then hang them in your hallway or bonus room. You’ll be amazed by how much life they’ll bring and how much money you had to spend in the process.

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