5 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company

Hiring a moving company can make your entire moving process so much easier. When it comes down to it, moving your own boxes and furniture can be incredibly stressful and expensive. Shipping boxes and other items can not only increase the chances for damage – it can also be more expensive. Moreover, taking multiple trips back and forth between your old location and your new location can be a serious headache – and you have to spend even more money on fuel. Before you hire a moving company, you want to keep a number of things in mind before you make a final hiring decision. Here are five things to consider before hiring a moving company.

  1. Make sure that reviews are positive. Before you hire a moving company – like Vitesse Moving and Transfer, Inc. - you want to go online and do your research. Ideally, you want to find peer reviews. These reviews are usually written by people that have hired a certain mover – they will either leave a written review or a star review. In most cases, you want to go with the company that has the best reviews.
  2. Make sure that you ask what the final rates are. Another important consideration you want to make is the cost of the move. Most companies will give you a rate based on mileage and fuel, but there may be other costs involved. For instance, if you have delicate items that you want to move, you may have to opt for a white glove service, which is a lot more expensive. Ideally, you want to agree on a total cost before you sign any agreements.
  3. Make sure that the moving company has all the right tools. It is also critical that a moving company has all the right tools and equipment to ensure a safe move. Not only should the movers be equipped to move large and heavy items – they should also have padded covers, crates, and other tools that guarantee that your furniture and other objects arrive to your new home in one piece.
  4. Make sure that you find out if the moving company has an insurance policy. In some cases, a moving company will offer a temporary coverage policy. Basically, this policy is put in place to ensure that if any items do get damaged then the moving company covers all the costs. Why do moving companies offer this policy? In most cases, they want to instill more trust in their customers. In addition, it puts extra pressure on the movers to be extra careful. All in all, it’s a good measure to instill a sense of liability.
  5. Make sure to ask for references. Another important consideration involves finding out if the mover has references that you can check. A few numbers should do the trick. You want to have a set of short questions that can give you a good idea as to how satisfactory a previous customer’s experience was. In the end, you may have some people offering rave reviews and other offering less enthusiastic reviews – it will be up to you to make the final decision.

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