7 Best Wood Flooring for Kitchens

Wood Flooring for Kitchens

Kitchen makes one of the busiest rooms in the house. There are spills, muddy prints, wet spots, and so many other problems. If we are able to keep up the mopping and daily maintenance routine, wood floor will make perfect companion. Here are several best wood floor in current market.

#1. Lock and Fold by Armstrong

It has a lifetime warranty. It has the acrylic surface and very strong finish. It makes perfect floor for kitchen that is available on numbers of colour and look, making it possible for us to match it with the interior detail.

#2. Ridgeline Solid Oak from White Mountain

This line is the newest from the manufacturer. It looks elegant yet nice, truly a compliment for a nice designed kitchen. The surface is claimed to stand out against daily heavy burden. It has 30 years of finish warranty.

#3. Anderson Super Special from Anderson

This is an engineered hardwood floor. It is 3mm thick that serves the best strength and quality for busy kitchen and house. Anderson mentions 60-80 years of satisfaction when we install the floor.

#4. 3 Strip by Baltic

This floor is milled and finished using the most cutting edge technology available. It offers not only strength but also look. The long strip makes easier installation and is available on thick pieces with varieties on colours. This is so stylish.kitchens wood floors 7 Best Wood Flooring for Kitchens

#5. Estate Wirebrushed by Ark

This engineered wooden floor is 3mm thick and it offers the nicest colour with elegance and beauty on the texture. This floor is not only easier to clean but also really strong. It is available on 25 years of warranty.

#6. Supreme by Kahrs

This selection is included on rare variant. The wooden floor has extraordinary detail, styles, and colours. The glossy surface makes it easier to clean. However, the rare colour selections available keep the kitchen looks different yet sophisticated. It is a perfect combination.

#7. 3/4 In by Mannington

This floor is the engineered wooden floor made of maple, rustic, and oak wood. It offers stability, strength, yet also classic look for a kitchen. Spills and high traffic are not a problem. New finish and sanding are possible for later maintenance.

When it comes to wood floor, we always think we already head to the right classic choice. However, current varieties on finishing and designs make it hard for us to choose. Now, we know the best and we may want to shop based on the list above.

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