5 AC System Noise Diagnosis Tips

When it’s hot outside and all you can think about is getting home so that you can enjoy the nice cool air, that’s usually when you find yourself being the most thankful for your air conditioner. So it’s totally understandable that if it starts to make some odd noises, you might find yourself worried about what it could mean (especially since service calls to technicians can get to be pretty pricey).

Thankfully, articles like this one can help you to diagnose certain sounds. That way, you can figure out if you can fix the issue yourself or if you should call a professional to handle the matter.

If your AC is rattling: If the noise that you hear sounds a lot like rattling, if it’s coming from the outside part of your AC unit, that probably means that some debris got caught on some of the vents. That’s why it’s a good idea to sweep off the outer portion of your air conditioner once a week. If the rattling is coming from the inside, there’s a pretty good chance that a belt or screw is loose. If that’s the case, unless you have worked on your AC before, it really is best to have a professional technician come and inspect it.

If your AC is hissing: When your AC is hissing, it usually means one of two things: there is a problem with your ductwork or you have a refrigerant leak. These are also two issues that you should contact a technician for. The reason why is because when there are tears or leaks somewhere within the unit, oftentimes parts of it need to be replaced.

If your AC is grinding: So what should you do if the sound that you’re hearing is grinding? What most technicians will tell you is grinding tends to mean that there is a problem with your fan motors. In many cases, it’s an indication that you have a worn bearing. If that’s the case, it’s also something that a professional needs to take care of.

If your AC is popping: Another fairly common sound that comes from AC systems from time to time is a popping noise. This is usually alerting you to the fact that your ducts could use some work. Before doing anything drastic, try cleaning them out first. You can get tips on how to do so by going to DIY Network and putting “clean your air ducts” in the search field. If that doesn’t help, then contact a technician. It could be time to have your ducts replaced.

If your AC is dripping: If you were to read an article on summer energy savings as it relates to your home, one of the things that it would probably tell you is to have your HVAC system professionally serviced so that it can work efficiently. Another reason to contact a technician is if you hear a dripping sound coming from your AC. A leak could mean that there’s something wrong with one of your coils or your condensate line. Either way, it needs to be inspected just as soon as possible. For tips on how to find a good HVAC technician in your city, visit Angie’s List and put “how to find a reputable technician” in the search field.

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