4 Fall Yard Leaf Removal Tips for Homeowners

It’s that time of year again – when the trees start to turn and the leaves cover your driveway and front lawn like a blanket. While you can enjoy all the beautiful fall colors for a few more weeks, soon enough you will be busy cleaning them all up. When it comes down to it, leaf removal is just one of those seasonal home maintenance steps that you’d rather not think about, but it is important to remove the leaves for a number of reasons. For one thing, your neighborhood association may require that you keep a clean lawn. Moreover, having a lawn that is too leafy can lower the curb appeal of your home. Here are four fall leaf removal tips for homeowners.

  1. Don’t use a leaf blower right after it rains. If you plan on using a leaf blower, you may want to think about waiting for the leaves to dry before you pull that cord. Wet leaves can often stick onto hard surfaces – making it nearly impossible to blow leaves away. If you have leaves that are stuck to asphalt, you can use a thick scrubbing brush to remove them.
  2. Capture the leaves as they fall – don’t wait until winter. It is also imperative to capture the leaves as they fall – you don’t want to wait until your front yard is a sea of leaves. You may even want to make leaf raking and blowing a part of your weekly chores – right alongside taking out the trash and doing the dishes. If you still have trouble remembering, you may want to set an alarm on your phone.
  3. Use a mulching mower to turn the leaves into mulch. In the beginning of the season, you may want to think of using a mulching mower to clear the leaves in your yard. A mulching mower will mulch the leaves and then collect them in a bag. You can use the mulch for your garden or the trees around your home. In the wintertime, trees and other flora can benefit from the nutrients found in mulch.
  4. Wear protective clothing when you rake or mow. It is also imperative that you use protective clothing when you rake. The last thing you want is to get debris in your eyes – so you will want to wear goggles. On top of that, you also want to wear gloves – when you are raking, the wood can cause blisters and other skin lacerations. When you are using a leaf blower, you want to wear thick pants to avoid windburn.

In the end, leaf removal is important for a number of reasons. You want to maintain the appearance of your home and you want to make sure leaves don’t cause permanent markings on your driveway or asphalt. If you want to do a really good job, you may want to stock up on some tools – from a nursery and garden supply retailer, like Morgreen Landscape and Nursery. In the end, the longer you wait to remove leaves, the harder it will be, especially when the winter comes and buries your lawn in snow.

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