5 Paint Preparation Tips for the Walls in Your Home

Whether you’re preparing to put your house on the market or you’re simply interested in doing a bit of redecorating, one of the most affordable ways to make a big difference in the appearance of the inside of your home is to paint it. However, before you get out your paintbrush or roller, you first need to make sure that your walls are in good condition. That way, you’ll get awesome results.

If you’d like to know about the kind of preparation that you should do for the walls of your house before painting them, here are five proven tips:

Clean up. Before you do anything else, thoroughly clean up the rooms that you plan to paint. This includes vacuuming the carpet and dusting off the furniture. Also, don’t forget to wash your walls with a bucket of soap and water as well. It will help to get rid of any small particles of debris. If you’re going to paint your kitchen or bathroom, it’s also a good idea to wipe down the surfaces with one-part water and one-part bleach (or hydrogen peroxide). That will remove any mold spores that may be present – a fungus that you definitely want removed before you start painting.

Make sure the walls are smooth. The next thing that you should do is run a flashlight over the walls that you plan to paint. If you happen to see any areas that are not smooth due to cracks or flaking, use a paint scraper to even things out. Where you might notice large bare patches, apply a bit of joint compound. Make sure to put on several thin coats rather than one thick one. That reduces the chance of there being any clumping. You can get some at your local Lowe’s or Home Depot.

Get rid of surface stains. Where you might see surface stains, you can get them off with the help of one-part detergent and one-part water or some solvent or spot remover that you can also pick up at your local home improvement store. Take special note that if your wall has any areas where it is discolored, you will need to seal with the help of a primer like white shellac. Not only is this type of primer stain-removing, but it also prevents any resins on your wall from coming through.

Do some priming. If you were to ask someone who works at a company like Annapolis Paint Designs for tips on how to prepare walls for paint, one of the things that they would probably tell you is that it’s important to prime your walls before painting them. Not only is this a proven way to make sure that the paint on your walls sticks, but it also helps to significantly reduce any potential peeling.

Sand the imperfections. When it comes to thoroughly painting your walls, you also have to include the trim. If you happen to notice any signs of imperfections along the trim, you can easily remove them by sanding them. For tips on how to do that yourself, visit This Old House and put “sand all surfaces” in the search field.

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