Packing Essentials to Make Your Move Easier

If you’ve recently found the house of your dreams, congratulations! There’s nothing like finding the home that’s in the right neighborhood, is the right size and has so many decorating possibilities. There’s just one thing – before you can start making new memories with your new house, you first need to pack up the one that you already live in.

If the thought of that has you feeling a bit overwhelmed and you’d like some suggestions on the packing essentials that you need in order to make the moving process easier for you, here are five must-have items.

Boxes. More than anything else, what you’re going to need are some boxes. The thing is, being that you have all different sizes of items, it’s important that you get different sizes of boxes. For things like books, collectibles and kitchenware, opt for a medium-sized box that is 18x14x12 inches. For big items that are rather light in weight like bedding, get some extra large boxes (ones that are 23x23x16 inches). As far as your clothes, wardrobe boxes are pretty awesome. If you’re interested in knowing where you can get boxes for moving free of charge, Apartment Therapy has a great article on the topic. Just go to the site and put “spots to get moving boxes” and “free of charge” in the search field.

Plastic bags. If you’ve run out of large boxes, something else that you can put your bedding in are large plastic bags. Plastic bags are also ideal for things like small hardware items, umbrellas and linen. Just make sure that when it comes to plastic bags that you don’t put things that will stick through the bags inside of them and that label the bags carefully.

Insulation. Can you imagine what a disaster it would be if you packed up your mom’s china in a box without insulating the inside of it? To prevent things from breaking, it’s important that you get some bubble wrap or Styrofoam peanuts. If you’re in a pinch and there’s no time to go out and get some, crumpled up newspaper or magazines will work pretty effectively too.

Tape. If you were going to ask someone who works at a moving company like DB Movers about something else that you need in order to properly pack up your things, they would definitely mention tape. After all, that’s what’s going to help to keep all of the boxes sealed as you’re going from one destination to another. As far as the best kind of tape to use, electrical or masking is fine.

Markers. It would be a shame to do all of that packing and still end up frustrated once you get to your new place simply because you have no idea where everything is. This is what tends to happen when you don’t make a point to use a marker to write what’s on all of your boxes immediately after packing them up. So, make sure that you have some Sharpies handy along with some labels too. For some helpful tips on how to label your boxes for the moving process, visit and put “label boxes when moving” in the search field.

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