Basic DIY Roof Repair and Maintenance Tips for Handy Homeowners

If you know your way around a toolbox, or a tool shed, there is a good chance that you can repair and maintain your roof yourself – without having to call on the professionals. As a homeowner, you probably know how important it is to make sure your roof is in good condition. If your roof isn’t in good condition, you could risk sustaining water damage as a result of leaks and a whole host of other issues. It is also important to keep your roof in good condition for the sake of making sure your home remains energy efficient. Here are some basic DIY roof repair and maintenance tips for handy homeowners.

  1. Clear and maintain the gutters. Before doing anything, you want to clear the gutters. The gutters usually run alongside your roof and they are responsible for diverting run off water through a spout. If you let your gutters become clogged with leaves, you could risk causing water damage inside your home. So, be sure to clear out all the gutters before you move on to other roof maintenance.
  2. Replace tiles and shingles whenever you notice that they are becoming frayed at the edge or when they come loose. Over the years, this will become part of regular maintenance. If you don’t replace tiles and shingles, you could risk creating a leak in your roof – you could also risk causing further damage that will be expensive to fix later on. So, it is better to bite the bullet and make the fix sooner rather than later.
  3. Always have a spotter. It is also important to have a spotter with you when you repair your roof. You don’t want to be up there alone. For one thing, you may find yourself continually climbing up and down the ladder to retrieve tools. A spotter will also help you align the ladder, so that you won’t fall. Also, if there is an injury, it will be important to have someone by your side that can take you to the hospital when there is an emergency. When it comes down to it, a spotter may just save your life.
  4. Know when to call it quits. It is also important to have the wherewithal to say enough is enough. If you can’t figure something out, it won’t help to get frustrated. If you visit, you will find a qualified service that will help repair and reseal your roof. If you have a major construction job, or if you need to completely refinish your roof, you probably don’t want to do it yourself.
  5. Make sure that you have all the right safety equipment. When you are working on your roof, not only do you want to wear a helmet, you also want to wear safety goggles, kneepads and perhaps a face mask. A face mask will be important in the instance that you are working with hazardous chemicals. In the end, you can never be too careful when it comes to repairing or maintaining your roof.

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