5 Effective Ways to Conserve Water in Your Spa and Swimming Pool

Your swimming pool is not immune to water evaporation. This is the reason why it is so important to take measures to conserve water in your spa and swimming pool. If you don’t, not only could you be wasting water, but you could also be wasting money. And while evaporation is a big problem – there could also be a number of issues that are causing your water levels to drop. When it comes down to it, conserving water is all about catching issues early, especially if you start to notice higher than usual water bills. Here are five effective ways to conserve water in your spa and swimming pool.

  1. Make sure there are no leaks in your swimming pool. Swimming pool leaks can be a serious nuisance, so you want to catch these issues before they wreak havoc. Not only can these leaks affect your water levels, they can also cause other damage as well. When the water leaks into the ground soil, it can start to flood your home or cause damage to your foundation. So, it is important to search for these leaks on an annual basis.
  2. Make sure to lower the water level. You never want your spa or swimming pool to be too full – this can cause the water to splash out or evaporate at a quicker rate. So, you want to have a good marker to indicate how high you should fill your pool. When it comes down to it, you want to keep this level in mind every time you fill up. If you have kids that splash around a lot in the pool, keeping the levels lower is especially important. It could be that you are wasting water purely as a result of too many cannon balls and splashing.
  3. Make sure to build a wind fence or hedge around the pool area. Wind – especially warm wind – can cause the pool to evaporate more quickly. In order to prevent this, you can build a small fence or hedge around your pool to cut down the amount of wind. Not only will a fence or hedge prevent evaporation, it will also help keep your pool warmer, especially at night when the cool wind causes the temperature of the pool to dip down to uncomfortable levels.
  4. Make sure to use a pool cover. A pool cover can be an amazing tool at keeping your water leveled. You can usually purchase a pool cover from an online retailer, like Splash Super Center. Basically, a pool cover prevents evaporation. When the direct sunlight of the summer sun beats down on the pool, your water can basically disappear. A pool cover can be a barrier of sorts.
  5. Make sure that you lower the thermostat on hot days. If your pool is too warm on a hot day, it may evaporate more quickly. So, you want to be sure to mind the temperature levels. If they are too hot, you could be wasting water. In the end, not only will turning down the thermostat help you conserve water, it will also save you money on your utility bills.

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