Pest-Proof Your Home: 5 Effective Tips

One thing that almost all homeowners can agree on is that pests are a huge problem once they invade your dwelling. Not only are they a nuisance but they can also damage your home and spread germs and diseases as well. If you’ve been dealing with a few “unwanted guests” lately, here are five effective tips to keeping your home totally pest-free below:

Take out the trash regularly. It only takes a day’s worth of trash for your odors to collect in your house and attract pests. That’s why you might realize that if there’s a bag of trash hanging on your kitchen door, the next morning, you’ll see a trail of ants crawling in and out of it. You can prevent this from happening by making a point to take out the trash every day. It needs to be bagged up, tied and put into the main can that you have outside of your home.

Immediately clean up any spills. Speaking of scents, something else that can draw ants, roaches and even flies and spiders are spills that might be on your counters or floors. So, if you happen to spill anything, don’t just use a paper towel to pick it up. Use a solution of soap and water to clean up the spill. Also, because there are spills that you might have not noticed, make sure to thoroughly clean your kitchen once a week. This includes sweeping and mopping the floor. If you would prefer to not use a commercial brand to clean with, there are homemade recipes that are just as effective. One website that provides you with some is Just go to the site and put “all-natural cleaning recipes” in the search field.

Thoroughly clean your fruits and vegetables. When it comes to kitchen pest control, even if you make a point to clean your kitchen and use a product like Powderpost Beetle Control Treatments and Spray , you can end up inadvertently bringing pest eggs into your home with the produce that you buy. That’s why you need to make sure to thoroughly clean your fruits and vegetables. An effective cleaner is apple cider vinegar. You can read how to apply it by going to Don’t Waste the Crumbs and putting “clean produce naturally with apple cider vinegar” in the search field.

Check for holes and cracks along your windows and doors. So, what if you make a point to keep your house spotless and you still see pests inside of your home? It could be because you have some holes or cracks along your window sills or doors. If you do happen to notice some, there’s a relatively easy solution. Simply go to your local home improvement store, purchase some caulking and apply it to the cracks and holes. That will seal them up and you should notice less pests in a matter of days.

Make sure you have no water leaks. Speaking of leaks, two things that can draw water bugs and mosquitos is water. That’s why it’s important to look for water leaks that may be in your kitchen or bathroom too. Something that can help you to detect them is conducting an energy audit. You can learn how to do one yourself by going to and putting “DIY energy audit” in your search field.

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