5 Common Home Wiring Problems

home electrical system is a complicated network of wires, circuits and breakers and all of these components work together efficiently in order to power your home. Not only does this system provide electricity, but it also provides the ability to live in the modern world and power all your daily appliances. Perhaps most importantly, electricity allows us to have light, keep our food refrigerated and connect to the world. So, it is critical that you maintain your electrical system, follow basic electrical codes and prevent black outs. If you don’t, you could risk fires, electrical shocks, and a number of other issues that could cause injury or death. Here are five common home wiring problems.

  1. Uncovered electrical boxes. If you live in a new home, or if you are in the process of installing an electrical appliance, you may have an exposed electrical box. These boxes are sometimes called a junction box, because they connect a number of different wires together. Even if the wires are capped, you could still risk someone – either your child or pet – unscrewing one of the caps and getting shocked. The box could also become damaged. So, you want to place a cover on the box immediately.
  2. Worn out electrical sockets. If you have sockets that are worn out, it may be hard to plug certain items in. If you are experiencing an issue where you are plugging appliances in, but the plug just falls out, this is an issue with a loose socket. You need to replace the socket right away, or else the outlet could arc and ignite drywall and cause a fire. This is a serious issue with a simple fix: just unscrew the outlet and then replace it. You don’t need any experience with electrical services to complete this job.
  3. Too many appliances plugged into one outlet. A home should have plenty of outlets and if you have too many items plugged into one outlet, you could risk over heating a certain outlet and causing a fire. You could also risk over surging certain appliances, which can cause damage to the appliance. Computers, kitchen appliances and even your washer or dryer can actually be destroyed by surges so be sure to check all outlets so that you aren’t overloading them.
  4. Not grounded. You have probably heard about the dangers of ungrounded wiring. This happens when you don’t have a system in place to catch currents that can literally become stray. If a stray current ends up in the bath while you are in the bath, you could become toast. So, you want to hire an electrical repair company, like Jackson Electrical Contractors, to ground the wires for you.
  5. Backstabbed wires. In the old days, outlets and switches had wires that came around the front, which made them easier to fix. These days, they are wired in the back, which can be harder to check. If you have wires that are old, frayed or have come lose, this can be a serious problem. Ideally, you want to have all your outlets checked to make sure there are no loose, backstabbed wires. In the end, you want to do everything you can to prevent an electrical fire.

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