5 Effective Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean, Tidy, and Organized

As a homeowner, keeping your home beautiful and organized is tough! Life gets in the way, and next thing you know clothes are everywhere and dust seems to continuously pile up! Never fear! Some small adjustments to your daily routine and lifestyle can make a tremendous difference, making cleanliness more manageable. Here are 5 effective tips for keeping your home clean, tidy and organized.

  1. Remove clutter. Clutter not only looks messy, but it also makes more work for you when you clean. the more things you have out on counters and shelves, the more dust will accumulate throughout your house. Get rid of unnecessary items and keep your decor simplistic. You will have less to dust, and your home will feel less overwhelming and crowded.
  2. Take the time to clean certain areas each night. Quick, simple wipe ups can reduce how often you need to do big, binge cleaning sessions in your home. Little things like staying on top of the dishes, wiping down the sink and fixtures, and sweeping or wet “Swiffering’ the floors can go a long way. Each of these tasks takes just a couple of minute but they can save you hours of cleaning that you would have had to have done if you led the dishes or pile in the sink or allowed the floors to develop a layer of dust and dirt!
  3. When you do have the time for a larger cleaning project, have a method. Often it is best to clean a room in a clockwise pattern. Start to the left of the door and continue all the way around. This will help you manage your time and effort best so you aren’t all over the place. This will also help to make cleaning more methodical and less chaotic since you will have a plan. Eventually you won’t even have to think about what you need to do next!
  4. Keep cleaning supplies in a specific location that is easy to access. If it is hard for you to get to these supplies, you are much less likely to actually clean! Make sure that you can reach and find everything. For some homeowners, you may have a closet. For others, this may mean hanging brooms and mops on the wall of your garage or elsewhere. Make sure to keep things in their proper place each time to you can grab and go without the frustration of having to track a piece of equipment down in your own home.
  5. Finally, make sure that your items have specific places too. Shoes should be kept in the foyer or near the entryway. You may keep them on a mat, on a shoe rack or even in a shoe bin. You should then install an area to hang coats and bags on hooks, keeping them up off the floor. Store living room items like blankets and extra pillows in a bin or basket. You may even buy an umbrella holder. All of these small details help to keep you and your family organized, while making your home easier to use and live in. These details are also great when you entertain, so guests know where their belongings should go.

These tips will help you to keep up with the everyday challenge of maintaining a clean, tidy and organized home. For more ideas and tricks be sure to look to U.S. wiping for inspiration on home cleaning. While maintaining your house is absolutely a daily obstacle, small changes and lifestyle adjustments can make a huge difference in the appearance and practicality of your home.

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