Cheap Improvements to Increase the Value of Your Kitchen

Even the new homeowners out there have probably heard that the best return on investment where renovations are concerned comes from overhauling and updating often-used spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. Unfortunately, these types of remodeling projects also tend to entail the greatest expense, which can be a problem if you’re working with a pretty tight budget. However, most kitchens are built to last for a good long while, and if you can keep the bones of your kitchen in place, you should be able to make a variety of inexpensive improvements that will significantly increase the value of your home nonetheless. Here are a few options that budget-savvy homeowners looking to up the value of their kitchen should consider.

One of the biggest changes many homeowners make to the kitchen area, especially where older structures are concerned, is knocking down walls to create an open-concept floor plan. The problem here is that you can run into all kinds of issues concerning electrical and plumbing components, not to mention load-bearing walls. Any time you knock out a wall, you’ll be expected to get the plumbing and electrical within up to code before an inspector will approve your build. And if you have to put in a new header to account for the loss of a load-bearing beam, you can tack on several thousand dollars to your estimated cost for the project.

Instead, you might want to think about less costly solutions that will still provide you with a more open and airy aesthetic. For example, you could tear down ceiling cabinets and cut out a pass-through instead. Or you might leave a post in place, say at the corner of a counter space that will become a peninsula when the wall behind it is removed. You might not think these options are as pretty as tearing out a wall completely to open up the kitchen space to the dining room and/or living room, but the truth is that you’ll accomplish your goal and save a lot of money in the process by making some small concessions.

Another major expense is upgrading cabinetry, and this can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, depending on how big your kitchen is and how customized you want your cupboards. Of course, if your existing cabinets are still in good shape, there’s really no reason to spend all that money replacing them. So long as they’re sturdy and functional, you can save a ton of dough and still get the modern look you crave by simply having your cabinets refaced.

And don’t forget that minor cosmetic changes can easily bring your kitchen on trend, increasing the value at very little expense. A new tile backsplash, some updated fixtures, and a coat of paint can make a world of difference in how your kitchen presents to prospective buyers. So if you’re looking to increase interest and value in your home with some simple and inexpensive kitchen design ideas, don’t overlook the value of a few well-placed cosmetic upgrades. You can even install brand new, matching, energy-efficient appliances and products from Range Hoods Inc. as a way to give your kitchen a lush, modern look that is sure to attract buyers. It’s not cheap, but you’ll get some money back when your electric bills go down. Just don’t bank on added value here – some buyers will jump for included appliances, but others will want to bring in their own. It’s a calculated risk, but it could pay off, especially if your current appliances are a motley assortment of mismatched and outdated products.

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