5 Essential Home Sunroom Features

The warmer seasons have begun, which means that it’s time to crack open the sunroom. It is also the time to the start thinking of some ways that you can make your sunroom a place that you actually want to spend time in. If you have sunroom, you should definitely use it, because it is certainly one of those spaces in your home that you could very easily lose if you don’t take care of it. If it becomes a room to store boxes and old exercise equipment, your sunroom will become just an unorganized storage unit. Here are five essential home sunroom features.

  1. Screens. It is important that you can open the windows in your sunroom, or else your sunroom could be more of a greenhouse. On summer afternoons, you may want to pop open all the windows and enjoy the breeze. With a screen you can open the windows without worrying about mosquitoes and other bugs. So, you may want to visit Marshall Brothers Home Improvements to see about installing screens on your sunroom windows to really make your sunroom come to life.
  2. Seating. It is also important to have plenty of seating in your sunroom. If you have adequate space, you want to have at least two lounge chairs and a small side table or middle table. That is the bare minimum. If you have even more room, you want to include a larger table and three to four chairs – consider your sunroom like a second dining room during the warm months. When looking for furniture, you may want to look for materials, like wicker and cast iron – anything that is comfortable, but can withstand the elements. If your sunroom is exposed to moisture and the sun, you want to use outdoor furniture.
  3. Plants. Also in your sunroom, you want to include potted plants. This one is really up to you, but plants can offer a whole new element of class and sophistication to your sunroom. You can even choose succulent varieties if you want a low maintenance plant. Succulents will also be able to withstand the elements a lot better, especially if you have large windows that conduct a lot of heat when they are closed.
  4. Sturdy floors. There is a good chance that you don’t want your carpet extending into the sunroom – you may not want your hardwood floors to be extending in there either. Even linoleum may not cut it. Because sunrooms are exposed, you need to go for a more durable method of flooring. For instance, you could go for stone or tile. In fact, Spanish tile can look really beautiful in a sunroom.
  5. Barbecue or stove. If your sunroom gets a lot of ventilation and it is particularly large, you may want to include a barbecue or stove in your sunroom. On a warm sunny day, you can utilize the sunroom to cook and make food for guests. One of the most important home improvement tips is to find ways to make every room useful. In the end, why not give your sunroom a utilitarian use as well?

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