5 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Old Home Security System

If you’ve had the same security system in place since the Hoover era and it’s served your needs for personal protection just fine, you might not see any reason to upgrade to a modern alarm system. And yet, like any product you purchase for your home, there’s a good chance that over time the technology will become obsolete, the system will deteriorate, and you won’t have the best possible protection available to you as a result. So if you’re wondering whether or not you should upgrade your old home security system, here are a few signs that could help to tip the scales.

  1. You system is no longer supported. In this world of revolving-door technology, where gadgets practically become obsolete as they hit store shelves, it makes sense that pretty much any kind of electronic system is going to undergo advances at a rapid pace. And yet, there’s something comforting about the fact that home alarm systems will last you for years without the need for replacement. That said, at some point your alarm company may stop supporting technology that is ten, twenty, or thirty years old (if your system lasts that long). And once your hardware is no longer supported, it’s definitely time to upgrade in order to keep your home protected.
  2. Your system keeps malfunctioning. If alarms start going off every time you open a door or window, whenever the power goes out, and randomly and for no reason at all, it might be time to concede the fact that your system is way overdue for an upgrade. Like any other system in your home, the components of your security can degrade and fade over time. So when you start having noticeable problems controlling your alarm system, it’s a good time to look into options for upgrades that will last you for years to come.
  3. You want more bells and whistles. The inevitable march of time may put a few more lines on our faces and add a few more pounds to our waistlines, but it also brings with it some incredible advances in technology, and you can use them to make your life easier. These days, smart homes are all the rage, and many home security providers are offering wireless options that allow you to control your home alarm system remotely via your smartphone or tablet. Forgot to arm the alarm when you left? With a swipe and tap to your iPhone you can do it from the office. Even better, many companies will also hook up additional electronic devices to this system, including your thermostat, lighting, and even appliances or entertainment centers. It’s a brave new world and you’ll be surprised at the upgrades major home security companies are offering their clients.
  4. Your home gets broken into. This is a pretty good sign that it’s time to upgrade your security. It’s true that criminals always seem to be one step ahead of security measures, but any time someone gets past your system and into your home, you should definitely consider that you may have underestimated the level of security you require.
  5. You don’t feel secure. Ask anyone from Modern Systems Inc. to ADT to Vivint what the best reason to obtain a home security system is and they’ll likely tell you peace of mind. If you live in a safe neighborhood, you have deadbolts on the doors, and you take precautions like closing and locking windows, just for example, chances are your home is pretty safe as is. But having an alarm system adds more than an extra layer of protection; it helps you to FEEL safer in your home. So if you’re constantly worried about a break-in, upgrade your security as much as you need to in order to feel safe.

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