Reasons to Switch to Energy Efficient Glass Windows in Your Home

These days, glass is so much more than it used to be. Today’s glass is thicker, more insulated and it can greatly improve the efficiency of your home. If you want to cut down your monthly energy bills and shrink your carbon footprint, you will certainly want to think about installing energy efficient windows. Not only that, but these energy efficient windows can also work wonders when it comes to noise reduction. If you live near a freeway or a busy thoroughfare, having double-paned, resistant windows will drown out a majority of the sound. Here are some reasons why you should switch to energy efficient glass windows in your home.

  1. They will boost your home’ curb appeal. When it comes to a home’s valuation, curb appeal is one of the most important factors. Curb appeal is basically a measure to determine how good your home looks from the curb. Everything from the color of paint, to the design of the moldings and, yes, the windows can boost curb appeal. This is why you may want to install energy efficient glass windows. You could even hire a company like Imaging Sciences to really boost the aesthetic value of your street-facing windows.
  2. They will reduce noise. Indeed, double paned, energy efficient glass panels can greatly reduce the noise coming from the outside of your home. If you are sick and tired of the roaring of traffic – maybe even the honking of horns – you may want to install these thick, reinforced windows. Studies have shown that these energy efficient windows can reduce noise levels by multiple decibels. Having a quieter home can make spending time with your family and friends much more enjoyable.
  3. They will reduce your monthly energy bills. Indeed, if your energy bills are higher than usual, you may have drafts in your windows. Drafts occur when the caulking and weather-stripping starts to wear away. Overtime, slight, imperceptible cracks appear, which cause the indoor air to escape. This can make heating or cooling your home in an effective manner virtually impossible. So, you may want to install double-paned windows to prevent drafts.
  4. They will reduce your carbon footprint. Are you worried about your carbon footprint? A lot of homeowners have carbon footprints that are a little larger than they would like to admit. However, with the new reports of global warming, reducing your carbon footprint is becoming increasingly more important. So, you may want to think about installing energy efficient windows for the sake of the environment – every homeowner must do his or her part.
  5. They will make your home feel more comfortable. With more adequate heating and cooling, and noise reduction, your home will feel a lot more comfortable. In the wintertime – when the weather is particularly brutal outside – your home will be warmer and cozier. In the summertime – when the weather outside is blazing hot – your home will be cooler and more refreshing. In the end, why wouldn’t you want to install energy efficient windows?

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