Landscape Shading Ideas to Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

When the sun beats into your windows during the hot summer months, it can be tough and expensive to stay cool and keep your home at a comfortable temperature. While there are definitely things you can do inside to keep cool, there are surprisingly some options that can gel lower the interior temperate that you can do outside! Here are some great landscape shading ideas that will work to keep your home cool in the summer time.

  1. Plant tall trees, short trees, shrubs and bushes around your house on the east, west, south and north sides. Trees and bushes are beautiful for your landscape design, adding color, structure and height to any outdoor space. In addition, when placed near your home, they can help to filter out the sunlight, reducing direct rays and therefore helping to lower the temperate of your home inside. These natural shaders will blend in while also helping you reduce energy waste from your HVAC system, keeping money in your wallet. Shorter trees are ideal along the west side of the house and tall wide canopied trees are best on the south side of the home. Finally, plant shrubs around your air conditions unit. These shrubs will increase your AC unit’s efficiency by about 10% since the unit won’t be baking in the sun all day long!
  2. Once you have your plants in place, be sure to bed utilize them. Trees can be used to usher in cool summer evening breezes. Air will move the quickest between the lowest branch and the ground, so you will want to prune trees and bushes to direct air towards windows of your home. Shrubs will also send up cool air when placed under first story windows.
  3. Build or put up an awning or architectural louvers on the side of your house. An awning is great for outdoor patios and decks since it can provide much needed shade for entertaining or relaxing. In addition, this shade will also cool that side of the house, blocking the sun for internal benefits that you will notice!
  4. Use a trellis to grow vines or ivy and provide natural looking shade. A trellis will allow vines to climb up the side of your home’s structure. While it won’t be much at first, with time the vine will begin to grow, fill out and cover your home, adding lots of shade and acting as another barrier layer between the outside temperature and your home’s interior. These are best on the west side of a home as they will help to deflect afternoon and evening sun from your home.

When landscaping in your backyard, be sure to include these helpful shading ideas to keep your home cooler in the hot summer months. Not only will these landscape additions look fantastic, but they will provide you with numerous other benefits like comfort, energy and money savings and so much more! Shade your home in summer with smart, savvy, simple landscape design techniques for optimal results!

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