5 Effective Summer Home Cooling Tips to Save Money and Conserve Energy

In the hot summer months, it can be really difficult to keep your home cool without wasting lots of money and energy. Instead of sending your energy bills soaring, make changes to keep cool, reduce energy waste, and cut back on costs. Here are 5 effective summer home cooling tips that will help to save you money and allow you to effectively conserve energy all season long.

  1. Set your thermostat to 73 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, people have a tendency to crank the AC, setting the thermostat to low temperatures in the 60′s. While this does provide more immediate cooling benefits, you pay for this convenience in energy waste and money. Instead, setting your thermostat to room temperature ensures that your home is cool enough to relax and spend time comfortably, without the negative consequences.
  2. Open the windows of your house at night. A great trick and technique to consider in lieu of AC use is opening windows at night to allow cool breezes to come in. This provides fresh air and improves indoor air circulation while significantly lowering the temperature of your home. The trick is that you must close the windows again early in the morning before the sun comes up since this is when the temperature begins to climb again. This traps cool, fresh air inside for a cooling effect that is free!
  3. Many people consider¬†why choose preventative maintenance?¬†While it does cost money, it is worth the investment and will actually save you lots of money and headaches in the future. Be sure to have your HVAC system inspected for maintenance once each year. A professional can inspect your heating and cooling system to ensure there aren’t any inefficiency problems increasing energy waste. Hiring a pro is ideal since they will know what to look for and how to fix minor HVAC system problems before they escalate into large problems that require lots of work and money!
  4. Change out your HVAC’s furnace filters. This is a cheap, quick, easy but also effective DIY tip that can help keep your home cool. Filters get dirty and clogged over time. If you don’t change or clean them, air cannot effectively pass through form the HVAC system into the rooms of your home meaning less cool air will be available to you. Also, this makes your HVAC system work extra hard and extra-long to meet your thermostat settings as desired.
  5. Inspect your home’s air ducts and clean vents. Vents get clogged with dust, so be sure to wipe them clean. Air ducts can develop cracks, leaks and obstructions. To clean them, use a vacuum extension that will allow you to reach. While working in this area, look along the ducts to make sure they are connected properly. Use duct tape to seal any noticeable cracks that may be influencing your cooling system’s effectiveness.

These tips not only help homeowners stay cool in the heat of the summer, but they also reduce energy waste and keep money in your pocket. Be sure to inspect, clean and repair air ducts and vents, hire an HVAC specialist to inspect your system once a year, change out furnace filters, seal windows and doors, open windows at night, and set your thermostat to a reasonable temperate for the best results.

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