5 Effective Ways to Heat Your Garage in Cold Winter Months

When it’s freezing outside, that is when a lot of us find ourselves being the most grateful for our garages. Not only does it help to protect our cars from snow and harsh winds (which makes it easier to warm up our vehicles each morning), but when we don’t want to bring dust and debris into our homes, it’s also a great space to do a variety of house projects too.

Of course, it only makes sense to spend a concerted amount of time in the garage if it’s at a comfortable temperature. That’s why we wanted to provide you with five effective ways that you can heat your garage during cold winter months below:

Apply some caulking. If whenever you walk into your garage, you notice that there is a bit of a draft, it’s probably because you have some small cracks or holes along your garage’s windowsills. The good news is that there is a simple thing that you can do to resolve the issue. All you need to do is go to your local home improvement store to pick up some caulking. If you apply it directly to the cracks and holes, you should notice a difference in a matter of days.

Tighten the window frames. Speaking of windows, if you notice that they tend to make a bit of a rattling sound, be sure to tighten them up. Also, if they aren’t double-pane, provide a bit of additional insulation by covering them up with some bubble wrap. It’s a cheap and effective way to block cold air from coming in.

Insulate the garage door. Although most garage doors are designed in such a way that they are able to keep burglars out, unfortunately they are not the best at keeping warm air inside. Thankfully, there is something that you can do in order to remedy the situation: you can insulate the garage door. The best kinds to use are solid polystyrene sheets and soft spun fiberglass. For instructions on how to insulate your garage door, visit DIY Network and put “how to insulate your garage door” in the search field.

Add a forced air heater. If you were looking for a way to earn some summer energy savings in your garage, then you might think about putting in a portable fan or even a ceiling fan. Well, when it comes to making your garage warm in the winter in a way that is truly economical, rather than relying on a couple of space heaters, purchase a forced air heater instead. They tend to warm up larger spaces a lot quicker. Plus, you have the choice of using one that is operated by propane gas or electricity.

Do a bit of painting. Another helpful tip that can keep your garage comfortable all winter long is to do a bit of painting. By applying an epoxy concrete paint to the concrete floors of your garage, you can reduce the amount of dampness that is has which ultimately reduces the amount of cold that is inside of your garage. For information on where you can purchase epoxy concrete paint, visit your local Home Depot.

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