5 Effective Low-Maintenance Desert Landscaping Tips

If you live in the desert, you already have the upper hand when it comes to building a low-maintenance garden. A lot of the flora varieties that grow in a desert environment – or that are native to a desert climate – are hardy and don’t require that much water. However, you have to think about other details too, like grass, flowers and large leafy plants to give your back yard or front yard some sustenance – you don’t want your garden to literally look like a desert, do you? This is why it can help have some landscaping tips - to ensure that your garden looks incredible and stays that way all year long. Here are five effective low-maintenance desert landscaping tips.

  1. Stick to plants that are resistant to long spells of dryness or drought. There are many plants that can withstand long droughts. In some deserts, it may not rain for many months – sometimes years. This is why you need a plant that can last through some incredibly severe conditions. When you are devising your landscaping plans, you want to focus on these types of plants and include them in your blueprints. If you are working with a landscaping company, like Land View Landscape Services, they will know exactly what plants will work and what plants won’t.
  2. Include cacti and other spiny plant varieties. Cacti varieties have survived through the ages using a number of different defenses, like spines and poisonous sap. Not only that, but these cactus varieties have also lasted through extremely dry desert weather, which is why you can find them in most desert landscapes. This is one of the reasons why they will survive so well in your backyard, especially if you are looking for a low-maintenance plant. Most cacti breeds absorb water and slowly feed themselves until the next watering, which could be weeks.
  3. Use an alternative to grass. Most grass varieties can’t thrive in desert landscapes – they will end up getting brown and discolored. This is the reason why you want to plant something other than grass to cover the ground. While you could use sand, it probably wouldn’t look as great and the sand could track back into your home. You can also find some plants that look like grass, but are actually succulents – these low-maintenance succulents can provide great ground coverage.
  4. Include large rocks or volcanic formations. Rocks and other formations serve as great garden accessories, because they require literally zero maintenance. In fact, rocks and other formations may even grow a thin layer of moss, which will add a whole new element of green to your garden. When it comes to using rocks, it can often be nice to have different types, which can offer a variety in size, texture, and color.
  5. Just add mulch. If you work or if you are naturally absentminded, you may want to think about adding mulch to your lawn, especially around trees or other sensitive flora. Mulch not only absorbs water, but it also kills invasive lawn species, especially weeds. So, you may want to think about utilizing mulch if you want a beautiful desert landscape that won’t require too much maintenance.

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