Cowhide Rugs – Timeless & Natural Luxury

Not many people automatically consider incorporating a cowhide rug into their décor until they found out more about the amazing benefits of this natural product. A cow hide is beautiful and can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home for a unique and eye-catching style. Besides this, it is comfortable, hypoallergenic and durable.cowhide rugs in living room

Cowhide rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns. The first style that many people think of is the typical black and white spotted pattern. However, there is also a variety of solid tan and brown rugs as well as brown spotted options available to match with any style or color of décor. This allows them to blend in with a Western setting as well as with traditional and modern home styles. Some of these rugs are even dyed in jewel tones or metallic hues for a daring look.

Cowhides can be used in many other places than simply on a floor. Although they look beautiful when placed in front of a fireplace, they are equally gorgeous when hung over the back of a couch or placed on top of a large ottoman. They can also be hung on the wall as a centerpiece or as a backdrop to a work of art.

Cowhide rugs are also very comfortable to walk on. When compared to other rugs, they are thin yet soft and provide warmth on tile, stone or wood floors. The natural fiber grips well even on bare floors, providing safety. The natural hairs found on them are fine and silky, providing comfort and relaxation for bare feet.

Many people love these rugs because they are easy to keep clean and do not stir up allergies. In fact, cowhide is naturally hypoallergenic. Because they are not fur-covered, they do not hold onto dirt and dust; they can be cleaned with a quick shaking outdoors. In inclement weather, the rug can be vacuumed with an upholstery brush.

Because cowhide rugs are so easy to keep clean, they are an excellent choice in homes with children and pets. Children and pets may naturally make spills or have accidents on the rug, but cowhide can stand up to it. The hide can be cleaned with a damp cloth and a mild soapy solution, which should remove stains such as juice, food and vomit. A very dilute white vinegar solution that is gently rubbed on the rug can remove unpleasant odors that remain.

Finally, cowskin rugs are quite durable. When used in a living room, bedroom, study or another room, they wear well under normal types of traffic. With proper care, a dry environment and not a lot of direct sunlight, cow hide will retain its texture, color and strength for decades.

Cowhide has been prized for years for its unique shapes, beautiful colors and durability. It can be used on floors, furniture and walls in a variety of décor styles. Its natural hues can blend in easily with any color and any type of flooring.

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