5 Ways to Update and Modernize Your Living Space on a Budget

Every homeowner wants to enjoy an updated, well-designed living space. However, often this involves high price tags and large investments. Luckily there are thing you can do affordably to stick to your budget while also enhancing your living spaces dramatically. Here are 5 ways to update and modernize your living space on a budget.

  1. Freshen up any space with a new, fresh coat of paint and some accent pillows. This is way to update your space with a tiny budget of just $100 simply, easily and beautifully. Choose a color that makes an impact and coordinate this with the pillows on your couch. Paint will give your room new life and pillows as style, sophistication as well as comfort.
  2. Use a space rug. Rugs are a great way to enhance your room for just a few hundred dollars. It will warm up the space and add comfort while also looking dramatic. Choose a rug with an interesting, graphic design to add texture and interest to your space. Try to compliment the color schemes in your space without being too overly matching.
  3. Rearrange the furniture that you already have. Often, adjusting the placement of your furniture can transform a space. Consider the flow of the room and make sure it is practical. Also, arrange furniture and chairs in a conversational manner to enhance your entertaining spaces. Pull sofas away from the wall, make the setting intimate and cozy, and experiment with moving furniture in different manners to find what works best in your space. Also, consider adding slip covers to furniture that seems worn or that you simply don’t like anymore to give them new life!
  4. Add light! New lighting helps to brighten the space giving it a larger, more airy feeling. Keep blinds and window treatments light and open so that natural light can come through during the day but so that you also have privacy in the evening. You can also add light with floor and table lamps throughout the room. Choose lamps and lights that work with your color scheme and the modern feel of your space. For a dramatic, modern look, be sure to integrate metallics into your lamps!
  5. Finally, buy one piece of statement artwork. This will act as the focal point of your room and helps to tie together all of the other textures, colors, fabrics, and patterns in the space. You can purchase an original piece, but if you are working on a budget consider a print or even make your own fun print by purchasing a canvas at an arts and craft store and using paint or stapling a patterned fabric to the caves for an original piece that will provoke conversation but won’t cost you much at all!

Even when you are redecorating your home of a budget, small changes and additions can make a bold impact. Be sure to do some research to find smart home remodeling tips from companies like foster Remodeling Solutions for the best results. Redecorating furniture, buying or making a statement piece of art, add light, use space rugs, and add fresh paint and fun pillows to bring new life to your living spaces affordably and effectively!

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