5 Tips for Removing Tough Spots From Your Carpet

There is a good chance that you take a number of different measures to make sure your carpet stays clean. You may not allow shoes inside your home, so mud and other detritus from the outside world can’t cause major stains. You may also vacuum regularly. However, life happens, which means that you will undoubtedly drop that glass of wine or spill something that will cause a deep stain. Most carpets are made of tightly wound fabrics, so some stains can become so deep they are almost permanent. If you are tired of looking at all the stains in your carpet, there are many ways that you can remove them. Here are five tips for removing tough spots from your carpet.

  1. Get proactive. Instead of getting reactive – frustrated – about a spot on your carpet, you want to spring into action right away. If the stain is brand new – either you spilled something or noticed something after a party at your home – you want to try and dab it out. If the stain is fresh, you should be able to remove most of it.
  2. Always dab – never rub. If you rub a stain out, it will inevitably become worse. This is especially the case with things like melted chocolate and thick substances. Rubbing causes the substance to spread around, which can allow it to soak into more fibers. Dabbing, however, can allow you to soak the material or substance into a rag or sponge. It may take a few turns, but eventually you will soak up a majority of the stain. Plus, if you use a rag or sponge with more soaking power, the more successful you will be at bringing the stain or spot out of the carpet.
  3. Don’t use harsh chemicals. When cleaning your carpets, you wan to stay away from chemicals or other harsh cleaners. Some cleaners can actually be ruinous to your carpet. For instance, bleach can actually stain your carpet and make the spot worse. So, stick to cleaners that are intended for cleaning carpet spots. You can also use natural solutions, like white vinegar, which can loosen the stain and make it easier to blot out.
  4. Get your carpets professionally cleaned. In some cases, the stain may be too deep and embedded for you to remove with traditional cleaners, which leaves only one option: call a professional carpet cleaning service. For instance, Chem-Dry has been in the industry of carpet cleaning for more than three decades. Not only will they remove the stains, but they will also make your carpets look and feel new again.
  5. Prevent stains in the first place. Once you do remove a stain or tough spot, you want to prevent them from coming back. This means that you should not be eating food or drinking any stainable liquids on your carpet. Out of all the carpet cleaning tips, preventing stains in the first place is probably the most helpful and prescient wisdom you will get, because no matter how many spots you take out, they will unquestionably keep coming back if you don’t take preventative measures.

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