8 Common Mistakes When Installing Marble Floor Tiles

marble floor tiles for bathroom 8 Common Mistakes When Installing Marble Floor TilesMarble floor is an exquisite choice for flooring. It is now made easy to install. Almost common people can do it properly. However, beginners still make mistakes that influence the final result of the installation. Here are the common mistakes often made.

#1. Forget to Prepare the Surface

On most flooring installation, the surface needs to be ready. It needs to be solid and flat strong while it also remains free of any moisture problem. Failing this means failing the whole project.

#2. Underestimate Cleaning Process

Cleaning process also plays great role on installing marble floor. The surface needs to free from any debris, dirt, and dust on it. We must clean it using broom and vacuum cleaner. Dirty surface creates cracking voice on marble floor.

#3. Asymmetric Floor Laying

Laying the floor asymmetrically will create problem. Everyone will be able to see that we do not properly put the entire floor on the right way. Meanwhile, it will be a hard work to repeat the entire process.

#4. Try It First

Before finally install the floor, we should try to lay down the floor on dry adhesive. This always works best on beginners. We can figure out the right position as well as making the perfect professional-like flooring look.marble floor tiles for living room 8 Common Mistakes When Installing Marble Floor Tiles

#5. Chipped Floor

Several corners will require us to cut the floor. We need to be careful remembering that marble floor is not cheap. Wrong cutting always results on troubles like chipped floor. We don’t want to waste money this way.

#6. Measurement and Appropriate Tool

When we need to cut the marble tile, we need to make the exact measurement and use the right tool to make perfect cut. This can be hard at first, but it is getting easier after several shots.

#7. Underestimate Grout Cleaning

The effect can’t be seen when the installation has just finished. As soon as the floor gets dry, we will notice it. We will have smudges and they ruin the pretty look of the marble floor.

#8. Skipping Steps

Some people are not patient enough to do all the jobs orderly. They tend to skip little details on the instruction. As a result, the floor is not beautifully installed and solid. It is already a ruin since day one.

Understanding that those mistakes often happen, we learn that we need to make careful preparation before the installation. We don’t have to be professional, but we must be attentive and discipline enough with the instruction to succeed the installation.

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