8 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

modern large mirror for bedroom 8 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas for Small SpacesSmall spaces don’t mean we can’t create a beautiful bedroom. Even though we need to be smarter than usual, it is highly possible. Here are several great ideas to make beautiful bedroom even on small spaces.

#1. Use the Mirrors

We can hang one large mirror to give the larger room impression. We can also hang several small mirrors to drive new interest on the decor. Mirror is not only functional but also decorative at the same time.

#2. Utilize the Under Bed

The under bed area makes a perfect place for our personal storage. We can keep things there while keeping the room spacious and clean. We only need to clean that area regularly to prevent dust.

#3. Have a Built In Dresser

Built in dresser is really sophisticated. In addition to it, built in dresser also allows us to have enough space and rooms for other furniture and for walking area. This is a great idea for room saving.

#4. Wear Soft Lighting

Lighting is always a crucial part of a room including small bedroom. The best option will be using soft light and setting it from several directions. It will blur edges and give bigger room impression.bedroom storage for small spaces 8 Beautiful Bedroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

#5. Don’t Use Too Many Colour Palette

Small room ideally use two colours palette at once at most. The combination will makes an impression that the furniture is bigger so the room is bigger too. Choose brighter colours for best effect.

#6. Make Furniture Pieces Multipurpose

To be able to leave enough space, and not to bring too many furniture pieces, we can address several furniture pieces into multipurpose piece. It can be the desk, the cabinet, or the shelf.

#7. Do It Vertically

We don’t have to buy big shelf to be able to keep the entire stuffs we have. In alternative, we can try to make mounted shelf on the wall and make it vertical. It saves space and money as well.

#8. Use Baskets as Keeping Storage

We may have so many little stuffs inside the bedroom. To keep it neat and expose more room, we can use decorative basket so we can also use it as accent for the room.

The ideas are flexible enough. We can adjust it to our needs as well as our personal style. Small bedroom will be very inviting if it is beautifully set. Let’s try the tips one by one and see the results on our small bedroom.

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