8 Tips For Hardwood Floor Maintenance

hardwood flooring in living room 8 Tips For Hardwood Floor MaintenanceHardwood is an excellent choice for flooring. We will need to maintain the floor nicely so the house looks good all the time. In addition to it, it is beneficial in house value and its appeal on real estate market. Here are several tips to maintain hardwood floor.

#1. Know the Type and Follow Instruction

Hardwood floor has varieties on type and design. Each can be different to each other. We must consult to the manufacturer instruction for best cleaning actions even though there are general cleaning steps we can do.

#2. Do the Vacuum Weekly

Vacuuming regularly will remove dust. This doesn’t only work well on the appearance, but it also protects the condition of the floor. Once a week vacuuming is enough if we do it properly.

#3. Wipe Furniture Polish Right Away

Furniture polish and hairspray will make the floor looks darker. When they are spilled on the floor, we must do immediate wipe. We can also apply window cleaner on it, the non ammonia one, for more thorough cleaning.

#4. Use Only the No-Wax Cleaner

No-wax cleaner is the best option for cleaning hardwood. It removes dirt and spills but it doesn’t ruin the finish surface and the floor quality as well.hardwood flooring for kitchen 8 Tips For Hardwood Floor Maintenance

#5. Use Doormats

Doormats will be highly needed. We should place it inside and out to keep out the dirt. It prevents too much dirt get on the floor. Long doormat for the front door is effective to clean the shoes.

#6. Buy Area Rugs

Area rugs do not only look good inside a room. It also makes decoratively effective protection for the floor. For best effectiveness, let’s place it on floor with highest traffic through the day.

#7. Install Felt for Furniture Feet

It will be nice to keep the furniture well padded especially on the feet. Sometimes, we accidentally move it and it causes scratching on the floor. Enough felt feet will prevent it.

#8. Don’t Use Too Much Water While Cleaning

Hardwood is not designed to go well with wet circumstances. It is why we are suggested to wipe out spills or rain drops. When cleaning it, we don’t need too much water. Use as little water as possible to prevent damage.

The tips are simple enough to do and, with a little discipline, we can apply them without any needs on additional help. Start applying the tips as soon as possible and reap the great result.

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