10 Tips How to Identify French Furniture

how to buy original french furniture 10 Tips How to Identify French FurnitureFrench furniture is definitely quite something to have. It always makes the whole room looks elegant and rich. However, it is possible that we get confuse sometimes. Here are several tips we can use to identify the real French furniture.

#1. Look for High Decorative Piece

French furniture is known as high decorative piece that each piece can stand alone as decoration item. Only few pieces of furniture looks like this.

#2. Examine Elaborated Detail

We can continue to find elaborated detail. It looks elegant and rich at the first time. This detail remains stylish and decorative at the same time.

#3. It Always Uses Carved Wood

French furniture is an artwork that lies on top of a carved wood. They are carefully carved into simultaneous detail.

#4. Find Gold Veneer or Gilded Trim

Gold veneer and gilded trim have been identical detail on all pieces of French furniture. They make the carved wood into magnificent piece of artwork.

#5. Identify the Use of Fabric with Padding and Texture

French furniture is already elegant on design but it is topped with the finest fabric that appears with either padding or texture, or maybe both of them, and it commonly is on floral design.french country furniture styles 10 Tips How to Identify French Furniture

#6. Find One that is Padded Well

Padded here means the chair will be super comfortable. The seat and arm cover are all padded neatly and nicely. They have a little bit puffy look and it somehow stays in elegant shape.

#7. Find the Cabriole Legs

One of the most essential parts of French furniture will be on the round legs of the furniture that looks wonderfully elegant. This is a part of the pride of the maker.

#8. Find Feminine and Romantic Taste

French furniture we know this day was invented during 1700s and it was time when women’s role expanded in French. It explains why French furniture all looks feminine as well as romantic.french furniture bedroom sets 10 Tips How to Identify French Furniture

#9. Identify the Soft Paints

French furniture commonly is painted in pastels and in very soft ones. They commonly appear on white or cream and the variation, and they still look incredibly good.

#10. Touch the Common Used Fabric

French furniture only uses specific fabric for the finishing. Commonly, the fabric includes brocade, velvet, and damask. In addition, it is enriched with woven tapestries accent.

It takes experience and observation as well to make perfect identification. Sometimes, we thought other furniture is French simply because it looks alike. Let’s head to furniture shop now to learn to identify it. Then, we may be able to pick French furniture.

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