8 Classical Flagstones Flooring Ideas

best flagstone flooring kitchen 8 Classical Flagstones Flooring IdeasFlagstones make very nice and natural choice for flooring. Many modern houses nowadays still use this material to make more appeal of the house. Here are several great ideas where we use flagstones for modern flooring.

#1. Earthy Scheme for Kitchen

If we have wooden furnished kitchen, we will make charming atmosphere if we use warm earthy colored flagstones floor. It matches the wooden furniture, and it creates inviting and homey feeling inside the kitchen.

#2. Grey Flagstones on Long Hall

To make the long hall more attractive, we can use grey flagstones on it. It does not only make it more like fairytale pathway, it also gives cooler atmosphere on it. It feels like we are walking to the outdoor.

#3. Front Porch Delight

We can use two colours of flagstones flooring to make attractive front porch. The combination of warm and light colours will increase the house appeal instantly. It reminds us on big houses of high class people in Italy.

#4. The Tropical Patio

Flagstones emphasize the natural look and make sure we feel the natural beauty all the time. It makes perfect choice for our patio and outdoor furniture. Choose warmer colour for vibrant look.flagstone flooring interior home design 8 Classical Flagstones Flooring Ideas

#5. Bricks and Flagstones on Garden Path

Give it country look and let the natural atmosphere fill the air by combining pure colour of flagstones flooring with bricks on the sides. We will enjoy walking on it and it increases the garden appeal.flagstone garden path 8 Classical Flagstones Flooring Ideas

#6. Multi Sizes on Living Room

Like on common big houses during the Renaissance, we can use flagstones on our living room. The multi sizes pieces will create certain attraction for the eyes and create even larger space impression.

#7. Multi Colour

Several people like to combine two or three colours at once. Sandy, red mud, and solid soil make perfect combination for almost all rooms in the house. It gives exquisite natural look, and it always makes the house looks so classy.

#8. Warm Colours for Bathroom

Nothing is better than flagstones flooring for bathroom. The natural beauty meets the fresh water. It makes the bathroom a more inviting space, and it makes earthier look for the interior.

There are still many possible great ideas we can make using this material. Flagstones already have natural beauty and it matches well almost on all elements of the house from building to furniture. We can browse on designers sketch for more variations and elaborated combination.

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